UCDViewer -- Unicode Character Database Viewer

UCDViewer is free Unicode Character Database Browsing tool.

The Unicode Consortium assigns various properties to each characters and publish its data in XML file. For details about Unicode Character Database in XML, see UAX #42

Here are some screenshots.




  • How to install and use

First, download UCD XML files. For the latest Unicode 6.1.0, you can download XML files here 。UCDViewer supports both grouped version(ucd.xxx.grouped.zip) and flat version(ucd.xxx.flat.zip). Download and decompress them.

Run UCDView.exe and select [File]->[Open...] menu and choose a decompressed XML file.

UCDViewer supports PropertyAliases.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt. Place them on the same directory as XML file. UCDViewer will automatically read them when opening UCD XML files.

  • How to uninstall

Delete folder and UCDViewer does not use Windows registry at all.