T2FAnalyzer -- TrueType/OpenType Font Analyzer

  • T2FAnalyzer

T2FAnalyzer is GUI based font analisis tool. It helps you to understand how TrueType/OpenType font files are organized. This tool has no functionality for editing font files. I'm just programmer, not font designer, so this tool only help u to view structure of font files. as for TrueType/OpenType font specfication, see Microsoft Typography  or somewhere else.

Of course, T2FAnalyzer is free software.

Here are some screenshots.




Supported TrueType/OpenType tables are as follows:

  • cmap
  • head
  • hhea
  • hmtx
  • maxp
  • name
  • OS/2
  • post
  • cvt
  • fpgm
  • glyf
  • loca
  • prep
  • CFF
  • EBLC
  • EBSC
  • BASE
  • GDEF
  • GPOS
  • GSUB
  • JSTF
  • DSIG
  • gasp
  • hdmx
  • kern
  • LTSH
  • PCLT
  • vhea
  • vmtx

and T2FAnalyzer is written in Delphi and includes its some source codes. source codes included are following

  • TrueType.pas(classes for accessing TrueType/OpenType font files)
  • TrueTypeInterp.pas
  • CFF.pas(classes for accessing Type2/CFF font)

You can download here here or SkyDrive.

  • How to install and use

Run T2FAnalyzer.exe then select file ->open menu. and choose a file which you wanna to analyze. thats all.

  • How to uninstall

Just delete folder. T2FAnalyzer doesn't use Windows Registry at all.